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Fashion Faceoff: Carine Roitfeld, French Vogue banned at Balenciaga

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On Fashion Faceoff this week, La Moda Dubai’s editors give you a piece of their minds on the latest drama in Paris that involves Carine Roitfeld, French Vogue Editor-in-Chief, and Balenciaga, the French fashion house and master of all couturiers.

Vogue banned at Balenciaga show

Jim Joquico, Editor-in-Chief, says:

Brilliant. Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant move by Balenciaga. Not that I hate Carine Roitfeld or that I work for Balenciaga, but the fact that everyone around the world is talking about the whole drama (a search on Google for “Carine Roitfeld banned in Balenciaga” yields some 23,000 results) means it’s a good thing for the French fashion house.

It’s a great move to generate some much-needed marketing buzz. And that’s exactly what Balenciaga has been needing for quite some time now.

Sure, banning Madamoiselle Carine and the rest of French Vogue from the show probably means they shouldn’t expect coverage in the magazine, and all other international editions of Vogue, for at least a decade give or take.

However, that number is actually minute compared to all the other fashion (and non-fashion) magazines the world over which are surely going to publish this bold move. Nice. I wonder if they would ever dream of pulling something like this on Anna Wintour. Probably not.

Of course, I am just assuming that Carine’s not pretending to be clueless about the whole issue.

Sherry Tenorio, Editor-at-Large, says:

Am I the only one who can see how pathetic this issue is? Carine gets blacklisted? Balenciaga hates stylist? So what?! It’s just a show.

Come to think of it, Carine’s presence (or absence) in the Balenciaga show won’t add value to the fashion industry. She can put all her thoughts about Balenciaga’s collection on French Vogue that would influence millions of people without watching the show.

So, again, why do we care so much? Why is the fashion world creating such buzz? Are the fashion minions starting to fear the consequences of this petty power struggle between the two French giants? Are we fussed because we’re thinking we (yes, people of the media) could be the next Carine?

If so, then perhaps we should take the next bus to Timbuktu and forget fashion. We should not pity Carine and her team. We should not even worry about this happening. Media has its own soul, and has its own way of showing who’s more powerful than by a mere fashion show attendance.

So, again, can someone please tell me why people are acting so much ado about nothing? And, as Miranda Priestly ends a note, I say “That’s all.”

What say you?