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Balenciaga, Carine Roitfeld, and Max Mara?

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Amidst all the foggy mystery that surrounds that whole buzz about Balenciaga banning Carine Roitfeld at a fashion show, something seemingly plausible surfaced, attempting to answer the biggest and most exciting why that has happened in the fashion industry in a very long time.

Carine RoitfeldAccording to a report by, master couturier Balenciaga was under the impression that Madame Roitfeld was instrumental to Max Mara copying the design of one of the French fashion house’s coats, which was, allegedly, briefly loaned to the French Vogue editor.

Balenciaga was quick to conclude that Roitfeld was the only link that connected them to the Italian brand, as she is/was a bit of a consultant at Max Mara.

The argument is logically valid, but largely, and ridiculously, unsound. While it may be true that Roitfeld might have been the only way the coat had ended up in the hands of Max Mara’s designers, it is also true (perhaps even more so) that a coat, however beautiful and outworldy it could be, is not, and never will be, worth risking a successful fashion career for. Carine Roitfeld has been rumored to succeed La Wintour at American Vogue for years, for crying out loud!

Why would she throw everything away, including at least a decade more of heading the most influential fashion magazine in the world, just for a coat? This “explanation” raises more questions than it answers.