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Tanya hates herself, not fashion

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Tanya Gold may be barking at the wrong tree here. It’s not fashion she hates. It’s herself.

I came across Tanya’s article, Why I hate fashion, published in the The Guardian, as I was browsing through Manila-based fashion blogger Bryanboy‘s latest posts. The woman said she hates fashion, but I am under the impression that she hates herself more than anything else.

Tanya Gold

“Put simply, I hate fashion. I scowl at Harper’s. I snarl at W. I spit at Vogue.

Sometimes, I tear them up, these glossy pages full of anorexic ­children – part human, part makeup, part ­computer program – just because I’m worth it.”

Tanya Gold

Tanya, you hate the entire fashion industry because it reminds you of how imperfect you are. It shows you beautiful, stick-thin models in couture and slaps you in the face with a big fat list of your own insecurities. I am not saying your flaws are any bigger or more noticeable than everyone else’s or that you are more insecure than any of us are. (I don’t have to say that anyway, because it’s already apparent) But if you can’t accept your flaws and do your best to work around them, then fashion isn’t for you. Heck, life isn’t for you.

I hate to break it to you, but fashion and personal style have never been about normal. They are about aspirational. Fashion marketing shows you what you could become with dedication and hard work, not what you will become the moment you slip into this season’s hottest dress.

Vogue's Beauty and the Beast issueFashion magazines don’t show you the reality (and frankly you can’t blame them for that because they’re not newspapers), they show you a dream you could buy into, an ideal that you could aspire to.

Put quite simply, it shows you an alternative you. Whether you decide to work on that aspiration, or condemn it for pointing out your flaws and furthering your insecurities, is your own call.

You think fashion is the devil that whispers in your ear, saying “You’re too fat. You can’t wear that,” or ordering women around the world to wear six-inch heels inappropriate for snowy weather. But it’s still up to you if you want to listen to those whispers.

It’s up to you to starve yourself to death trying to look like Naomi Campbell. It’s up to you to get your foot stuck in the tracks and get yourself run over by a speeding train. It’s up to you if you want to do anything, really. Sure, you’re insecure. You’re fat, you’re old, and you can’t wear anything from Harvey Nichols. But are you going to listen to what society tells you? Are you going to just follow blindly? What does that make you?

You hate yourself, Tanya. You have proven yourself willing to do anything the fashion industry tells you if it makes you look just a tiny bit thinner, younger, and more acceptable. And it has failed you many times. You have failed you many times.

Photos courtesy of The Guardian and Vogue

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