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Ed Hardy: Hands don’t need designer sanitisers

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The lengths that brands out there are willing to go to in order to squeeze just a few more pennies out of you never fail to surprise us here at La Moda. We thought the most outrageous effort put in by the industry was designer bottled water – just when all of us thought Evian was enough to send a message.

In June last year, Dubai witnessed the launch of pretentiousness in a bottle Bling H2O, which retails for AED 180 to AED 250 and sells a Swarovski-laden limited edition bottle for up to AED 15,000.

A bottle of Ed Hardy's hand sanitizerBut no, I guess we were wrong. Apparently, Ed Hardy came up with a solution to expand its product line with something more mundane, more ridiculous, and that which exudes a bigger WTF factor. Say hello to the Ed Hardy Habit hand sanitiser. Targeted at style-conscious-slash-fashionista-wannabe consumers, the bottles feature themes and motifs borrowed from its popular clothing line, Christian Audigier’s Ed Hardy brand.

One promotional headline reads, “Ed Hardy Habit Sets a New Standard.” That’s probably right. It sets a new standard of tackiness that not even the nouveau riche would be attracted to – and that’s the new-moneyed class we’re talking about!

Be warned. Being seen carrying a bottle of this “designer” hand sanitiser is not going to make your hands more precious than everyone else’s. When things get confusing, just remember this: It bears the name of a brand whose clothes automatically transform their wearer into something that very closely resembles a douche. Let logic’s transitivity work its magic.

Don’t be a fashion victim.

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