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Express your love with an Anna Wintour tote

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Urban Outfitters UK, the store that gave us the infamous Karl Who? canvas tote referencing Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, brings us a new alternative to publicise our allegiances in style – and it’s capitalising on the popularity of the fashion world’s most influential figure: American Vogue’s Anna Wintour. Now you can wear an oversize cotton shirt or sport a statement tote to tell the world how important real-life Miranda Priestly is to you.

Anna Wintour fan club shirt and tote

The tote is available online on the Urban Outfitters e-shop for £50.00 (~ AED 285) and the shirt will set you back £55.00 (~ AED 313). Would you wear them? I would wear the shirt under an odd jacket, but the Louis Vuitton is not going in the closet for the cheap little tote. Perhaps something to pack your lunch in?

And I just have to ask, does La Wintour get a cut from the sales of these items? Is that why they’re overcharging customers for something that costs $3 to make? Just wondering.